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OK Series Combained Busbar Processing Machine

  • Combined busbar processing machine is designed to improve working efficiency and ensure working safety. It includes 1 electro-hydraulic pump, 1 hydraulic busbar cutting tool, 1 punching tool, 1 busbar and pipe bending tool and dies. With all these tools installed on a portable working bench, this multi-functional machine is widely praised for its safety, convenience and appearance; no damage or pollution to the work environment.
  • Electro pump supply power to each part of machine by switch the diverting valve for each function. The system with 24V low voltage control device to avoid operator getting accidental electric shock. Applied for busbar procession on transformer, switchboard box production line or assembling site. Save time and time.


  • Bending capacity from 1 to 120°, use feet to control the switch
  • With engraved angle scale for busbar bending and pipe bending
  • With 2 positioning scale for punching and cutting
  • With smooth surfaces after punching, cutting and bending, suitable for heavy duty work
  • Adopt 700 bar hydraulic system, low noise, durable and sturdy
  • Safety system keep away from danger
  • Easy to change dies, improve working efficiency
  • Open working platform enable work piece not oblique after bending


Hydraulic Pipe Bending Tool

  • Bend water pipe, conduit pipe, gas pipe and thick steel pipe to 90°
  • 1/2”-2”, bending to 90° once, smooth bending without wrinkle
  • Quick coupler easy to disassembly


Multifunctional Busbar Bending Tool /

Aviation AI Multifunctional Busbar Bending Tool

  • Bend Cu and Al busbar up to 125mm for power plant and substation
  • 2 in 1 for horizontal and vertical bending
  • Angle mark engraved in for exact bending
  • 25ton cylinder makes bending powerful, fast and efficient
  • Flip-shell design, easy to pick finished work pieces
  • Alloy steel body with light weight, easy to carry
  • With quick coupler for easy disassembly
  • With a fixator, ensure to work in horizontal situation
  • Powered by single acting electric hydraulic pump

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