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Charging Carts


  • Compact, lightweight, safe usage and easy to maintain
  • The device is equipped with mains and generators, which can power mobile phones, computers, TVs, cameras and other appliances on the condition of extended power outages caused by earthquake or flood and power construction.
  • The device is equipped with automatic disassembling device, which can be disassembled without relying on lifting devices, four disassembling explosion-proof wheels with large sizes are set at the bottom to move in short distance.

Mini Crawler Crane


  • It adapts to any geographical environment, extreme weather, particularly suitable for relief and rescue
  • It is widely used in such engineering construction and repairs as power, railway, metro, highway, curtain wall, indoor steel and so on, more suitable for large-scale material storage, large-scale manufacturing
    and other industries
  • Operate by wireless remote control or fuselage switch, safer and reliable operating and faster speed
    Mini design, small size and strong lifting capacity. It ends the era when only labors work in narrow
    working space, which improve the working efficiency and ensure the safety.

Main applications:

Optional parts:

  • Power Construction
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Railway Construction
  • Warehousing and transportation of goods
  • Various rescue applications
  • Indoor narrow space lifting
  • Petroleum Construction
  • Aerial lifting platform
  • Curtain wall installation
  • 3-phase power motor
  • Torque limiter
  • Working basket
  • Wireless remote control





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