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Battery Voltage Monitor

Battery Voltage Monitor

The Megger BVM is a battery voltage measurement device that is used for the capacity testing of large, industrial battery banks commonly found in electrical power sub-stations, telecom facilities and computer data center UPS systems. When used in conjunction with a load device, such as the TORKEL unit, and test data management software, such as PowerDB and TORKEL Win, the BVM enables to perform a completely automated battery bank capacity test, according to IEC test method. The test also meet NERC/FERC requirements. The BVM is designed in modular form where one BVM device is used for each battery or “jar” in the string to be tested. One BVM for each battery connects to the next in a “daisy-chain” fashion, thereby providing easy and economical expandability to meet the testing requirements for small-to-large battery bank systems.

  • Automates battery voltage measurement during capacity tests
  • “Daisy-chain” design allows expandability up to 2x120 units
  • High accuracy and stability for precise data collection
  • Wide voltage range
  • Easy set-up


BVM Details


Battery Load Unit

  • Batteries can be tested in service
  • Dynamic discharge technology – full power at all voltages
  • Safety in all details, e.g. detection of blocked airflow
  • Real time monitoring during test
  • Quick report
  • Easily expandable for larger battery banks using TXL extra load units
  • BVM cell monitor control integrated in the system

Batteries in power plants and transformer substations must provide the equipment they serve with standby power in the event of a power failure. Unfortunately, however, the capacity of such batteries can drop significantly for a number of reasons before their calculated life expectancy is reached. This is why it is so important to check batteries at regular intervals, and the only reliable way of measuring battery capacity is to conduct a discharge test.

TORKEL 900-Series Details


Battery ground fault locator

  •  Ground faults in ungrounded dc battery systems easily located
  •  Operates in high electrical noise environment
  •  Simplifies fault tracing by identifying fault characteristic (resistive and capacitive) magnitudes

This instrument was developed to detect, track and locate ground faults on battery systems - without resorting to sectionalizing! Model BGL tracks and locates ground faults on live or dead battery systems. To save hours of unnecessary troubleshooting, the BGL readily differentiates between the resistive fault currents and capacitive charging currents. This feature allows the instrument to detect and track leakage paths, even in the presence of surge-suppression capacitors.

BGL Details