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Sheath fault location system

  •  Test Voltage up to ±10 kV DC
  •  Up to 750 mA continuous current, also suitable for burning
  •  Adjustable current limiter
  •  Bipolar measurement for highest accuracy
  •  Only one single removable HV connection cable
  •  Easy-Go operation via jogdial and touch screen
  •  Automatic measurement and protocolling

Testing, prelocation and pinpointing of sheath faults. Easy, precise and fast.

The intuitive, menu supported operator guidance of the MFM 10 work with the approve SebaKMT Easy-Go principle. The fully automatic measurement and evaluation of the measured data gives the operator a fast, easy and reliable tool to test the sheath of cables, and to perform a prelocation and pinpointing of detected faults.

The bipolar prelocation supports the detection of galvanic and thermoelectric influences and increases the prelocation accuracy and quality.

MFM10 Details

MMG 10

Cable Sheath Tester

  •  Adjustable current limiter
  •  Easy and powerful testing of cable jackets
  •  Pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpointing
  •  Burning of cable faults

The sheath test system MMG 10 is used for the voltage testing of plastic insulated cable jackets. The test evaluated the leakage current in respect to the cable lengths. An adjustable current limiter avoids an eventual drying or unintended change of a fault spot.

The high output current can also be used for the low resistive burning of a fault. For pinpointing of sheath faults in plastic insulated shielded cables and earth faults in unshielded cables, the MMG 10 provides a pulsed output voltage. The pinpointing is done by the step voltage method with the Earth fault locator ESG 80-2 / ESG NT.

MMG 10 Dettails


Ground Fault Locator

  •  Automatic adaptation to voltage level
  •  Automatic filtration of interfering signals
  •  Automatic zero calibration, no adjustments necessary
  •  History mode
  •  High-contrast color display

The earth fault locator ESG NT is used to pinpointing cable sheath faults with great accuracy. Using a bright, sun readable TFT color display makes it very easy use.

The displayis by a bargraph, similar to the analogue display or by a history display, which shows the deflections of the last 7 pulses. A fully automatic calibration keeps the display always at zero and the integrated noise suppression eliminates all influences by DC, Railway currents, industrial plants and high resistive soil environment. By two earth rods, the ground step voltage potential is measured and the direction towards the fault is indicated by the display.

The ESG NT is also available as combination set with the digiPHONE+ in one unit.

ESG NT Details


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