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Teleflex SX-1

Portable two-channel time domain reflectometer

The Teleflex SX-1 is a portable two-channel time domain reflectometer (TDR) designed to provide quick, effective, accurate, and safe pre-location of faults in cable installations. It supports all high-voltage pre-location methods, comes with multi-shot technology with 15 fault traces per arc reflection shot, and can be operated on its own or in conjunction with surge wave generators (thumpers).

You can operate the instrument via a single jog dial and an intuitive software interface on a large, bright, colour touch screen display. This makes operating the unit easy, comfortable, and intuitive and supports the rapid acquisition of accurate results.

What's more, the Teleflex SX-1 enables flexible working as it can be powered by its own a rechargeable battery or it can use the mains supply via a smart charger.

  • Standalone operation or operation in conjunction with surge wave generators (thumpers)
  • Single jog dial operation with piechart interface and 'No-User-Intervention Auto mode' ARM
  • Multi-shot technology with 15 fault traces per arc reflection shot
  • ProRange distance-dependent de-attenuation for significantly improved images of far-away reflections
  • Supports all existing HV pre-location methods
  • 'Auto-ranging' cable end recognition, 'Auto-find' cursor to fault position
  • Rugged, robust, outdoor field-ready case

Teleflex SX-1 Datasheet

Teleflex VX


  •  Bright and large display
  •  Easiest operation via self guiding and explaining menus
  •  ARM Slide Technology
  •  Automatic storage of all results
  •  Supports all existing prelocation technologies
  •  Automatic detection and display of cable end and fault position

The Teleflex VX presents the latest development of the Teleflex series. Like all Teleflex reflectometers, the Teleflex VX is specially designed to capture the fast processes during the fault location in power cables. It presents the consequent continuation of the Linux based Teleflex MX

The operation is reduced to the essential steps, and runs mostly automatically. The completely new hardware of the Teleflex VX with significantly improved parameters, as for example sampling frequency, pulse width and pulse amplitude results in ranges of up to 1000 km, but also in highest resolution in the close range.

Measuring hardware and display are separated, and communicate via Ethernet. This allows the easy integration into a fault location system and allows the operation in offshore application, for example, the remote operation in ROV’s.

Teleflex VX Datasheet

Teleflex LV Monitor

Cable monitor and fault location system

  •  Monitoring and fault location on life LV cables
  •  Three phased cable monitor for permanent voltage and current monitoring
  •  Remote operation via GSM or Bluetooth

The Teleflex LV Monitor is for the location of faults on low voltage cables, especially for the detection if intermittent fault, which result in specific difficulties. Additionally the voltage and current waveforms are recorded.

The stored data is retrieved from a PC or Notebook via Bluetooth or via a telephone connection (Line or GSM).

In opposition to other portable reflectometers, the Teleflex LV monitor is permanent and simultaneous connected to all three phases of the LV cables and permits the user to do a reflection measurement on all the phases and their combinations, either locally or in remote operation. The supply of the Teleflex LV Monitor happens by one of the connected phases.

Teleflex LV Monitor Details


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