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Laser Distance Meter

The Megger MLM50 Laser Distance Meter is a compact, simple to use, laser distance measuring device. It is housed in a shock absorbent IP54 rated protective case and incorporates soft-touch, sure-click buttons. With a measurement range of up to 50 m, the MLM50 offers the user either single or continuous measurement modes and the ability to track maximum and minimum measurements quickly and easily.

  • 50 M range Laser Distance Meter
  • Automatic Max/Min measurements
  • Area calculation
  • Volume calculation
  • 20 measurement memory
  • Supplied with protective carry pouch

MLM50 Datasheet


Electric Vehicle Charger Checker

  • Checks mode 2 and single phase mode 3 (level 1 and two phase level 2) chargers
  • Checks chargers with SAE J1772 Type 1 and Type 2 connectors
  • Performs four EV charger safety checks
  • Performs four EV charger operation checks
  • Checks to see if nuisance tripping or RCD/GFCI is likely to occur
  • Reads control pilot state response from EV Charger to IEC61852-1

The new EVCC300 introduces a new and convenient way of checking Electric Vehicle charge points. A simple all in one concept provides an easy to use solution to check both the safety and operation of mode 2 and single phase mode 3 (level 1 and two phase level 2) EV chargers. The instrument is ideal for those wishing to perform a check on an EV charge point as part of an inspection or maintenance programme.

EVCC300 Datasheet


Electric vehicle charge-point adaptor

  • Accessory for the MFT1700 and MFT1800 series to enable electrical vehicle charge point testing
  • Type 2 Charging Plug for charging points with panel mounted socket outlet or fixed cable with vehicle connector
  • Type 1 Charging Plug for charging points with fixed cable and vehicle connector
  • (Example Mitsubishi PHEV) – option for the EVCA210/standard on the EVCA21

The Megger EVCA210 is a compact, simple to use adapter designed to perform all the functions required by the electrical contractor to fully test Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle Charge-points. Specially designed to comply with UK, European and other International wiring regulations and standards, the EVCA210 may be used on all single and three phase electric vehicle charge points with appropriate connectors. They are designed to test the function and safety of a charging point. The adapters allow you to conduct tests using appropriate single or multifunction test instruments on EV charging points in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722. Charging points should be tested as part of the initial installation and repeated periodically.

EVCA210 Datasheet


  • Multifunction InstallationTester

    Megger multifunction installation testers are capable of performing all the tests required by the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. 

  • Loop and RCD testing

    Megger loop testers offer both traditional measuring techniques and state of the art “non-RCD Tripping” technology.

    Use these products to determine the prospective earth fault current, which is the maximum current able to flow in a phase-earth fault in an installation, and also to indicate the prospective short circuit current which is the maximum current able to flow in the event of a phase-neutral fault.

    Megger RCD testers offer automatic testing of all 5 RCD tests required of the Wiring Regulations, giving a tough solution to RCD testing.



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