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Lamp Adaptor Kit

The Megger LA-KIT provides the user with 5 separate lamp socket adaptors, to allow electrical test equipment to be connected to the circuit via industry standard 4 mm sockets, for measurement and test purposes, without the need to disturb the circuit wiring or lamp housing. Includes B22 Lamp Adaptor, B14 Lamp adaptor, E27 Lamp adaptor, E14 Lamp adaptor, GU10 Lamp adaptor, 2 Wire lead set, Protective carry case.

  • 5 most common lamp adaptors
  • Allows easy testing at the lamp sockets
  • IEC61010 compliant
  • Supplied with 2-wire lead set
  •  Carry case included

LA-KIT Datasheet

MSA1363 and MTF230

Socket Adaptor

The Megger MSA1363 and MTF230 Socket Adaptors enable connection of electrical test instruments to the line, neutral and earth of a circuit via a standard socket outlet, removing the need to dismantle the socket or expose any live terminals or connections. Colour coded front mounted sockets enable test leads or equipment to be connected quickly, accurately and safely. Using the adapter saves potential damage to the socket or surrounding decoration and allows measurements to be taken using instrument leads that use standard 4 mm connectors.

  • R1 and R2 testing
  • Colour coded terminals
  • Standard 4 mm terminals
  • CAT II 300 V
  • Safe and simple to use

MSA1363 and MTF230 Datasheet

Megger MST220

Audible Socket Tester

The Megger MST220 Socket Tester is a plug-in style tester that uses both a visual and audible indication to provide quick and easy indication of possible wiring errors which may be present at UK BS1363 13 A 3-pin power sockets. Over 17 combinations of wiring fault can be identified including missing wires and incorrect or reversed connections.

  • Simple and effective identification of faulty wiring at sockets
  • Tri-coloured LEDs for instant error reporting and fault diagnosis
  • Audible indication of correct and incorrect connections
  • Identifies 17 missing wire and wrong connection combinations
  • Easy to use
  • Rugged and reliable

Megger MST220 Datasheet


  • Multifunction InstallationTester

    Megger multifunction installation testers are capable of performing all the tests required by the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. 

  • Loop and RCD testing

    Megger loop testers offer both traditional measuring techniques and state of the art “non-RCD Tripping” technology.

    Use these products to determine the prospective earth fault current, which is the maximum current able to flow in a phase-earth fault in an installation, and also to indicate the prospective short circuit current which is the maximum current able to flow in the event of a phase-neutral fault.

    Megger RCD testers offer automatic testing of all 5 RCD tests required of the Wiring Regulations, giving a tough solution to RCD testing.


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