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Compact and powerful AC and DC test systems

The high voltage test sets HPG 50-D and 80-D are suitable for 50/ 60 Hz AC testing (35 to 58 kVRMS) and DC testing up to respectively 100 kV or 160 kV. The DC voltage is generated via a voltage doubler. The high-voltage test systems consist of two separate units: the control unit and the high-voltage unit. This separation enables the operator to use the test set on-site without any complications.

  • Compact, maintenance free, cast-resin high-voltage transformers
  • Separate control and HV-unit
  • Voltage continuously adjustable
  • Powerful system: 1,2 kVA continuous operation, up to 3 kVA 60 min. short-time operation
  • DC testing via voltage doubler rectifying attachment

HPG50-D HPG80-D Details

HPA35, HPA50, HPA58 and HPA78

A.C. HV test sets

  •  HPA 35, AC testing up to 35 kVrms
  •  HPA 50 / 58 AC testing up to 50 / 58 kVrms
  •  HPA 78, AC testing up to 78 kVrms

The AC voltage test sets HPA 35 to 78 are suitable for 50 Hz AC testing of test objects with a low capacity. In addition to 50 Hz AC testing these units can also be enhanced to a DC test set, (see DC-Test Systems).

Typical application areas:

  •  Testing of switchgear
  •  Testing of current-transformers
  •  Testing of MV plant/ component testing
HPA35, HPA50, HPA58 and HPA78 Details

50 and 100 kV AC Dielectric Tester

  • Permits ANSI A92.2 for tests on aerial bucket trucks
  • 50-kV tap with doubled output current for ANSI A92.2 bucket liner testing
  • Output current meter, with guard circuit, for ANSI A92.2 leakage current measurements

The 50/100 kV AC Dielectric Test Sets are ac high-voltage sources for testing electrical insulation. The standard system includes a control/instrument cabinet, a high-voltage transformer assembly and all necessary cables including ground and input power.

These test sets consist of general-purpose ac high-voltage sources suitable for dielectric withstand (high-potential) testing of all types of electrical insulation. They also permit guarded leakage current measurements and are suitable for use with capacitance and dissipation factor bridge systems to measure insulation power factor.

50 and 100 kV AC Dielectric Tester Details


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