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MIT400/2 Series

CAT IV Insulation testers

The MIT400 series have been updated with a series of enhancements and additions from years of customer feedback and use.

The MIT400 series represents the industry standard for insulation testing on a wide range of applications and circuits.


Testing the quality of insulation and separation of conductors in cables, shielding and separation to earth of live conductors. Measurement of Polarisation Index and Dielectric Absorption ratio of insulators. Checking the point to point conductor resistance to ensure circuit compliance for protective devices, correct wire routing, voltage drop, system earthing and resistance measurements. Trms, AC & DC Voltage measurement up to 600V (1000V on analogue scale).


  • Range: MIT400, MIT410, MIT420, MIT430
  • Hand held Insulation and continuity testers
  • 50V to 1000V test range
  • Variable voltage from 50V to 1000V in 1V steps (MIT420 and 430)
  • Up to 200Gohms at 1000V
  • Continuity testing from 0.10Ω to 1.0 MΩ in 1 volt steps.
  • The MIT400 series are designed for testing Electrical installation and specialist applications where accurate, reliable and safe testing is a prerequisite.
  • Protection up to CATIV 600 V and IP 54 (ingress protection).

Unique features

  • Stabilized insulation testing (NEW!)
  • Variable 10V to 1000V test voltage (NEW!)
  • Auto-hold on continuity tests (NEW!)
  • Analogue arc with pointer (NEW!)
  • 200Gohm test range
  • Continuous continuity range
  • Rechargeable options
  • Contoured ergonomic design (NEW!)
  • Increased battery life
  • IP54 ingress protection
  • CAT IV safety design
  • 600V measurement


  • Building wiring installation, commissioning and periodic inspection
  • Specialist medical installations (CT, MRI and High energy imaging)
  • Panel building, switchgear and control cabinets
  • Cable installation and jointing
  • “HVAC” maintenance
  • PV installations
  • White goods maintenance
  • Railway maintenance
  • Avionics and military equipment maintenance
  • Street furniture install and commissioning
  • ESD testing mats flooring and materials
  • Machine testing & maintenance
  • Electric vehicle maintenance and service
  • Motor testing

  MIT400/2 Series Details



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