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Megger IMT100

Industrial Multi Tester

IMT100 is a versatile hand held multi testing instrument with dedicated four wire insulation resistance, and four wire Kelvin low resistance features ideal for comprehensive industrial applications.

This unique instrument in the market, comes with more than 13 testing features and the reliability of Megger’s testers, bringing greater testing possibilities to the photovoltaic and electric vehicle industries allowing effective Continuity, Bonding and Insulation Resistance testing with one only instrument.

Key Features:

  • DC voltage and polarity test
  • AC voltage, phase rotation and frequency
  • Insulation resistance and surface leakage current detection
  • 4 wire low resistance bonding test
  • 2 wire continuity & diode test
  • Data storage
  • CAT III 600 V up to 3000 m
  • IP54 protection
  • Rechargeable batteries

IMT100 Datasheet


CAT III TRMS multimeter

  • True RMS CAT III multimeter
  • AC/DC voltages up to 600 V
  • ACA/DCA up to 10 A
  • Resistance 0 to 40 MΩ
  • Frequency 10 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Capacitance 0 to 4000 µF
  • Duty Cycle, Diode, Continuity
  • Function data Hold, MAX/MIN
  • Built in flashlight

The AVO215 true RMS multimeter is a rugged compact instrument for demanding environments. It measures true RMS voltage up to 600 V and current to 10 A with 4000 count resolution. As well as resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance for quick verifications, it meets CAT III 600 V AC/DC safety and contains a built-in flashlight, making it ideal for wide range of applications.

The AVO215 comes with a range of useful features, such as the continuity function, which provides audio and visual results through the use of a buzzer, and the diode function, which allows forward reverse bias testing of diode and semiconductor junctions. Additionally, the unit has an auto range or manual range selection, enabling you to do the job with precision and speed, and it's MIN/MAX and hold functions allow you to read the results easily in daily use.

AVO2015 Datasheet


Earth leakage clampmeter

The DCM305E is perfect for identifying and measuring the earth leakage current in a circuit where the RCD keeps tripping out unexpectedly. The measured result will quickly identify whether the earth leakage current present is excessive, causing the RCD to trip, or if the RCD itself is over sensitive or faulty.

Specially designed to check earth leakage currents, the DCM305E is an efficient and highly versatile instrument. It has six ranges 6 mA, 60 mA, 600 mA, 6 A, 60 A, 100 A with a minimum resolution of 0.001 mA on the 6 mA range. Its upper range also enables TRMS AC current measurements up to 100 A.

Additionally, this clampmeter vastly improves measurements on circuits with harmonics/electric noise on the cables using a low pass filter of 50/60 Hz.

Safety is of the utmost importance and with that in mind, the DCM305E exceeds the latest safety design standards IEC1010-2-32 and EMC requirements through a series of safety features that provide you with a safer working environment.

Other key functions include the “Data Hold” feature which aids in measurements where there is a problem with accessibility or poor lighting, and the automatic power off feature that extends the battery life.

  • 0.001 mA resolution
  • Up to 100 A range for standard AC current measurements 
  • TRMS reading
  • Low pass filter to aid stability of readings
  • Auto, data and peak hold
  • 40 mm jaw
  • Analogue bargraph display for trending

DCM305E Details


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