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Megger MPAC128

Acoustic Imaging camera

  • Optimise your efficiency with accurate detection
  • Safely detect issues in hard to access areas
  • Work in extreme conditions

Megger’s state-of-the-art acoustic imager visualises gas leaks and partial discharge with optimal clarity - helping you address issues before they lead to safety incidents, compliance violations, equipment damage, resource wastage and costly unplanned downtime.

Left undetected, partial discharge (PD) and gas leaks can lead to major failure, explosions, efficiency losses and downstream impacts. Identifying PD issues early prevents very costly unplanned outages, equipment failures, safety hazards and potential regulatory consequences.

This acoustic imaging camera is ATEX-certified and IP54-rated, and offers non-contact detection up to a distance of 120 metres. With 128 microphones and a detection frequency of 2 to 48 kHz, the MPAC128 provides an optimal level of clarity of partial discharge and gas leak detection.

The MPAC128-ATEX is ATEX-certified for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas (II 3G Ex ic IIC T5 Gc), ideal for environments where explosive gases may be present.

MPAC128 Series Datasheet


PD Detector

The AIAcompact is a portable instrument for in-service acoustic and electric (UHF) partial discharge measurements on high voltage assets such as:

  • Gas-insulated switchgears (GIS)
  • Gas-insulated lines (GIL)
  • Power transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Cable accessories

To be suitable for all these applications, the instrument adapts to a variety of piezoelectric acoustic sensors and pre- processing units. It can be used with acoustic sensors and external ultra high frequency sensors as well as embedded UHF sensors of the tested asset.

Because of its built-in battery and its standalone capability the AIAcompact can even be used for on-site testing in environments where no mains supply is available.

For a convenient remote control of the device, the USB interface allow the connection to a PC or laptop with the optional AIAcompact software installed.

Every AIAcompact comes with a built-in four-channel multiplexer, which allows switching between four input channels. Buttons at the panel of the instrument enable you to directly select one of the four signal sources. As a result, the partial discharge signal and the voltage signal are split and can be selected separately. All settings, e.g., input and display mode, are stored individually for each channel.

AIAcompact Datasheet


IP65 Protective Housing

Mobilize your PD measuring instrument with this robust and portable IP65 case that can withstand even harsh testing environments.

The ICMoutlander is a portable housing for PD measuring instruments such as the ICMmonitor Portable, GISmonitor Portable, ICMcompact, and AIAcompact. Wherever a fixed outside set-up of a measurement system is not necessary or desired, the ICMoutlander is the right choice. Made of sturdy plastic compound the enclosure can resist harsh environmental conditions and is protected against dust and water according to Ingress protection class 65. The integrated cooling and heating system ensures an optimal ambient operating temperature for the measuring equipment even over longer measuring periods.


  • Suitable for PDIX’ ICMmonitor Portable, GISmonitor Portable, ICMcompact, and AIAcompact
  • Pre-connected measurement setup inside
  • Robust case made of high performance plastic compound
  • Dust tight and protected against water according to Ingress protection class 65
  • Built-in Peltier element for optimal ambient operating temperature
  • Protective caps for unused connectors
  • Valve for pressure equalization between housing interior and outside environment
  • Stable rollers for easy and comfortable transport
  • Tailored foam inlays to keep everything in place and to protect the measuring instrument and its accessories from damage during transport

ICMoulander datasheet


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