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FREJA and SMRT Digital Twin

High fidelity simulator

  • Test before you install to reduce stress during time constraints
  • Enables virtual relay testing
  • Created test plans that can be reused for real-world testing
  • Useful training tool, enhancing clarity and reducing human error 
  • All safety-related risks are negated using a digital twin relay test set

The FREJA and SMRT Digital Twin is the first of it’s type to be created and is a functional digital twin of Megger's relay test systems, FREJA and SMRT. This pioneering technology enables you to virtually test Siemens SIPROTEC 5 devices through Siemens’ cloud-based SIPROTEC DigitalTwin. The relay tests are performed online, before the physical devices are accessible, and with tested and approved protection settings, only a subset of the tests need to be repeated on the physical devices to ensure correct input and output hardware and connections. 

FREJA and SMRT Digital Twin Datasheet


Single-phase relay test system

The SMRT1 single-phase relay test system and SMRT1D are standalone units that combines high compliance voltage with high current to test electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint, and directional overcurrent. It can also test under/overvoltage, negative sequence under/overvoltage, single-phase impedance, single-phase power, directional, synchronising, auto-synchronising, current balance, frequency, volts/hertz, reclosing, thermal, and various other relays (see the Applications sections for more).

SMRT1 and SMRT1D Datasheet

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Electronic Recloser Test Simulator

The Megger Model ERTS, Electronic Recloser Test Simulator unit, is designed to interconnect to Megger Models MPRT, SMRT, and FREJA 400/500 relay test systems for easy field testing of electronically controlled reclosers. The ERTS has 14, 19 and 32 pin cable adapters to directly interface with the most common forms of reclosers such as the G&W Viper®, Elastimold® MVR, with SEL 351R and SEL 651R, and Cooper Forms 4, 5 and 6 reclosers.

  • Rugged, Small, Light Weight, Field Portable
  • 14, 19, and 32 pin Cable Adapters Built-in
  • Used with Megger Relay Test Systems
  • Simulate Three-Pole or Single-Pole Trip and Reclose
  • Use Sequencer Test to Easily Perform Trip and Reclose Tests on both Electronic Controller and Recloser

 ERTS Details


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