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GridGIS Connect app enables field personnel to work with Ariadna ILF12 connectivity detection equipment and automatically stores identification results of electricity meter link with Secondary Substation (SS), feeder and phase numbers.

Through this application captured data is displayed, on a map view of the work area, quickly and easily.

Main Features

  • Record information of Secondary Substation utility assets: SS Name, Transformer, LV Panel, LV Feeders, LV and MV cable types, MV Switchgear, etc.
  • Record information of the Ariadna ILF12 device configuration: Central Device Coding, link between feeder number and Rogowski coil connection input number, etc.
  • MAPPING/TOPOLOGY: logging of energy meter identifier: Secondary Substation - phase -feeder + time stamp + worker
  • Photo of each identified asset
  • GPS geolocalization of each identified asset: Secondary Substation, Meters, Meter Boxes, etc.
  • Track work progress
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Import/export of GIS system compatible files: GeoJSON, KMZ, and Shapefile

 GridGIS connect Ariadna ILF12

Ariadna ILF12

Ariadna IC1G

Ultraportable live network LV cable identifier

The IC1G Cable Identification Equipment, consists of a transmitter, IC1G-TX, and a receiver, IC1G-RX. Equipment operation is simple: once the transmitter has been connected to an accessible point of the network, the receiver can be used to identify the cable at any location, from the supply point to the MV/LV transformer.

 Ariadna IC1G Details

Ariadna CI

The ARIADNA CI is an advanced digital tool, with a simple and effective usage procedure. It enables electrical cables to be identified, energised or not, between a set of conductors in places such as: manholes, ditches, enclosures, etc.

  • Identifies:

energized MV cables
energized LV cables
de-energized MV and LV cables

  • Works with:

Single phase conductors (shielded or unshielded)
Three phase or 3 phase + neutral conductor

  • Signal injection by:

Direct connection to cables
Signal induction through toroidal clamp (optional)

  • Detects active signal’s Amplitude and Polarity
  • Maximum cable length > 10km (direct connection)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery on transmitter (CI-TX):
  • >24h at level 2 (up to 4) of transmission power

 Ariadna CI Details




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