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Ariadna IC2G

Ultraportable live network LV cable identifier

There are many situations in which it is necessary to quickly and accurately identify live Low Voltage (LV) cables, for example, when opening a trench, making a branch in a line, before carrying out some maintenance tasks, when making a new connection, …

Merytronic has developed the Ariadna IC2G, an ultra-portable Cable identifier device that is used for positive cable identification, in Low Voltage cables.

The device consists of a transmitter (IC2G-TX) and a receiver (IC2G-RX). Its use is simple: the transmitter (TX) is connected to an LV cable and the receiver (RX) is used to identify or locate that cable upstream, towards the MV/LV transformer.

  • Positive cable identification without de-energising the network
  • Works on LOW VOLTAGE distribution cables up to 250 V (50-60 Hz)
  • Sensor Rogowski: identifies cables by placing the sensor around the cable
  • U” sensor: identifies conductors by touching the cable
  • Single-phase and three-phase cables
  • Fast identification, achieved in seconds
  • Simple operation due to automatic synchronisation between transmitter and receiver

Ariadna IC2G Datasheet

ILF G2 | ILF G2Pro

LV Network Topology

The new generation of identifiers, ILF G2 | ILF G2 Pro, has been designed to add, edit and store over the same map (thanks to the GridGIS Connect app developed by ARIADNA Grid) the location and connection of all consumers in the Low Voltage distribution network, that is to say, it allows identifying and digitalizing which Transformer Substation, LV panel, outgoing feeder and phase each of the meters (subscribers)  are connected to.

This new generation of equipment is aimed to big mapping campaigns of distribution networks, helping to reduce the campaign’s duration and leading to great cost savings.

Main features

  • Identification of the 3 phases and up to 12 feeders/outgoings of a LV panel (several devices can be placed in parallel if there are more outgoings).
  • LV Live Network topology identifier (without de-energizing).
  • Designed for big network mapping campaigns, up to 99 teams can work at once.
  • Suitable for different distribution network arrangements, in cascade mode or / and in parallel (allowing to know the connectivity of the consumer with respect to each distribution element of the LV network).
  • Integrated Bluetooth connection for automatic data transfer to GridGIS Connect mapping app (compatible with any GIS systems). License included with the device.

ILF G2 | ILF G2Pro Datasheet


GridGis Connect

GridGIS Connect app enables field personnel to work with  ILF G2 | ILF G2 Pro  and ILF 12, the LV network topology identification devices of Merytronic. Automatically stores identification results of energy meter / smart meter link with Secondary Substation, transformer, LV panel, feeder and phase numbers. Suitable for different distribution network arrangements, in cascade or in parallel

GridGIS connect with Ariadna ILF12


GridGIS Map Creator

GridGIS Map Creator app allows to map, with GPS coordinates, aerial/underground MV and LV electrical networks with different assets directly on the field. Design to work with the MRT-700, underground cable locator de Merytronic.

GridGIS Applications Datasheet



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