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Ariadna CI-DE

Identification of De-energised cable

The cable identifier Ariadna CI-DE device allows to identify of any type of de-energized cable, in a RELIABLE, SIMPLE, and SAFE way.

Specially designed for maintenance tasks involving the handling of electrical cables, it is an effective tool that allows operators to easily and without error identify de-energized cables from other conductors in trenches, manholes, panels…

It doesn’t require calibration before using it, factory calibrated.

  • De-energised cable identifier
  • Single-phase and three-phase cables
  • Signal injection by Direct connection or Induction clamp
  • Cable length > 50 km (direct connection)
  • Induction signal amplitude and polarity detection
  • Identification sound alert
  • Operation time > 24 h (level 2)
  • Rechargeable battery on the transmitter (CI-DE Tx)

Ariadna CE-DE datasheet

Merytronic PI-3

De-energized three-phase identifier

  • Identify any De-energized cable
  • Single-phase and multi-phase cables
  • Signal injection:

Direct connection
Induced with induction clamp

  • Max. cable length > 50 km (*)
  • Rechargeable battery in the transmitter. Operation time > 12h
  • Identification sound alert

Merytronic PI-3 MV & LV cable identifier is a robust, user-friendly, and advanced digital tool. It helps users easily identify any de-energized electric cable and its phases, among multiple conductors, in substations, trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc

The transmitter includes three inductive clamps (or crocodiles). Therefore, it can detect each one of the phases of a feeder without changing the transmitter connection. It also helps to identify both de-energized cables prior to being cut and open cables (once they have already been cut) to join the phases of both sides correctly

Merytronic PI-3 Datasheet

Ariadna IC2G

Ultraportable live network LV cable identifier

There are many situations in which it is necessary to quickly and accurately identify live Low Voltage (LV) cables, for example, when opening a trench, making a branch in a line, before carrying out some maintenance tasks, when making a new connection, …

Merytronic has developed the Ariadna IC2G, an ultra-portable Cable identifier device that is used for positive cable identification, in Low Voltage cables.

The device consists of a transmitter (IC2G-TX) and a receiver (IC2G-RX). Its use is simple: the transmitter (TX) is connected to an LV cable and the receiver (RX) is used to identify or locate that cable upstream, towards the MV/LV transformer.

  • Positive cable identification without de-energising the network
  • Works on LOW VOLTAGE distribution cables up to 250 V (50-60 Hz)
  • Sensor Rogowski: identifies cables by placing the sensor around the cable
  • U” sensor: identifies conductors by touching the cable
  • Single-phase and three-phase cables
  • Fast identification, achieved in seconds
  • Simple operation due to automatic synchronisation between transmitter and receiver

Ariadna IC2G Datasheet



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