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Load Stopping Tool

Brazil's first device designed to open energized switches, homologated by the main Brazilian Electrical Utilities.

Portable Device for opening energized switches. Light-weight, practical and efficient in extinguishing the electrical arc when opening knife and fuse switches. Two models are available: one for 24.5kV switches and another for 34.5kV switches.

Nominal current: 600A or Maximum current: 900A.

Both models are supplied with an automatic operations marker and a universal fitting for conventional and telescopic Hot Stick, tested according to IEC 62271-103 international standard.

Both models are supplied in our original high strength polymer case, for conditioning and transport purposes.

Load Stopping Tool Details


Solução Equipamentos was established 20 years ago to serve the electric sector, starting its activities as a distributor and manufacturer of tools and equipment for the construction and maintenance of electrical networks. We currently manufacture more than 95% of the products we sell, so we control all stages of the production process in order to achieve total quality.

Within our production process, we follow national (NBR) and international (IEC and ABNT) standards. We have our own laboratory, where we test our products under the strictest conditions as determined by the above-mentioned standards, meeting specific requirements of the main electric power utilities in Brazil.

We count on professionals affiliated to the Brazilian Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture (CREA), who are qualified for customer services and to perform maintenance and testing services on tools and equipment.

Our main clients range from electric power utilities to their outsourced companies (contractors). Our products have been approved at the main public and private utilities in Brazil.

We have expanded our borders and, so far, we have exported our products to Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa, the Philippines, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Turkey, Uruguay, and Vietnam.


  • Telescopic Hot Sticks

    The triangular-shaped Telescopic Hot Stick has been designed according to strict manufacturing and testing processes, which allow SOLUÇÃO to guarantee its proven quality by fully complying with ASTM F 1826-00 requirements.

  • Clampstick

    The Grip-all Clampsticks are fundamental for servicing, maintenance, and live line crews, when working by the Rubber Glove and Hot Stick Methods.

  • Work Platforms

    Guarantees a safe distance between the electrician and the ground potential, promoting more comfort in electrical system interventions by increasing the working height.

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