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Tanbos XHKJ-1000

Overhead Line Fault Location System

XHKJ-1000 is a portable device, which can apply to overhead line small current grounding power system. It is use to pinpoint the earth fault when line break down when single phase grounding fault happen. The kit includes transmitter, senor and receiver and the accessories.

After the overhead line stop running, the transmitter will inject ultralow frequency HV signal to the line to reappear the fault. Detect along with the line by the sensor and it will transmit data to the receiver by wireless mode. The receiver will collect and display this detect result.

 Tanbos XHKJ-1000 Details


Electroscope Cable Identification Instrument

The cable inspector CDl-100 recognizes the spatial electromagnetic domain and the picked-up signal uses the power frequency domain algorithm analysis referred to as PHA algorithm) to realize the judgment of the power frequency signal component. The instrument is easy to carry and easy to operate, unlike traditional cable identifiers. The cable inspector CDl-100 does not need to apply a signal to directly judge whether the cable is energized, and provides you with a reliable basis for judging the state of the cable suspension. Becoming a cable in your hand "Electrical Pen" to prevent personal accidents and power outages caused by accidental sawing of live cables.

  Tanbos CDI-100 Details

Smart 2000

Portable Power Bank

Smart 2000 is a multifunctional portable AC/DC emergency mobile power source unit. It has a safe power lithium-ion battery and high-efficiency SPWM inverter conversion technology. It has the functions of light weight, high capacity and high power. ". It can provide you with convenient mobile power solutions, which are widely used in mobile office, medical rescue, fire emergency rescue, power equipment repair, environmental protection, emergency communication support, and power storage backup.

 Tanbos Smart 2000 Details


  • 230V/50Hz Pure sine wave AC output(110V/60Hz);
  • 5V/2A-USB Dual port output,24V/20A DC output;
  • Backup uninterruptible power supply(UPS;
  • Intelligent display, digitally display battery power, input and output power and remaining working time.

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