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Varmint Shield

Product dimensions: 16” / 20” diameter x .5 “ thickness
Product weight: 14 oz. / 1.3 lbs.
Color: Gray or Red

The Varmint Shield is the proactive approach to eliminating unscheduled power outages due to animals. The unique design permits the unit to be installed quickly with a shotgun stick without the need to drop service or expose the lineman to energized equipment for installation. The Varmint Shield prevents critters from simultaneously touching the primary and metal case of the transformer. 

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Arm Guard Raptor Shield

Product Dimensions: 17” wide x 48” long x 9” high
Product Weight: 6 pounds

The Arm Guard Raptor Shield offers a unique solution to preventing raptor nesting problems without creating secondary eyesore problems. The arm guard was developed by utility personnel in the picturesque Chesapeake Bay
area where unsightly and or obtrusive animal guards were not considered a viable option. 

The sloped surface will automatically shed any nesting materials placed on the surface. The Arm Guard Raptor Shield is manufactured from a clear polymer which exhibits high resistance to outdoor weathering, impact resistance & UV degradation.

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Conductor Cleaning Brush

The unique design of the Conductor Cleaning Brush permits full 360 degree cleaning and remote operation with use of a shotgun stick. Simply lock the brush into a shotgun stick and push the “V” throat against the conductor to open the jaws and enclose the conductor. Now place the shotgun stick in the unlocked position but keep the conductor cleaner secured within the shotgun end. This will permit the operator to provide a full 360 degree cleaning action on the conductor. Stainless steel tension springs assure aggressive brush cleaning action to remove even the most stubborn oxide layer. 

When cleaning is completed return the shotgun stick to the locked position and pull off the conductor. If you are serious about obtaining a solid jumper or grounding connection our cleaning brushes are a must. 

Our conductor cleaners are machined from a tough weather resistant polymer. All hardware is stainless steel to provide years of trouble free service. Brush set replacement requires only a Phillips screwdriver.

 Conductor Cleaning Brush Details

The Last Word in Oxide Removal!


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