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Klondike Clamp

The KLONDIKE CLAMP® safely and quickly secures rubber blankets without causing damage and eliminates the need for tie wrap, bungee cords, Velcro®, or tape.

The KLONDIKE CLAMP® comes in 3 models:

  • Standard – Great on cross arms, bushings, poles, and even pad mount gear.
  • Large – Easily fits Poles up to 20” diameter.
  • Hands-Free – This model attaches to a shotgun stick and offers hands-free operation.

The KLONDIKE CLAMP® is made from a tough weather-resistant polymer and assembled with stainless steel hardware.

Klondike Clamp Details

Blanket Clamp

Product dimension:
10 “ x 5 “ x .75 “
Product weight: .3 pounds

The USBA-001 Blanket Clamp serves as the basic lineman clamp to secure rubber blankets and line hose in the vast majority of in field situations. Light weight but rugged this clamp comes equipped with rubber nose caps to prevent accidental damage to blankets and or line hose. USBA-001 is designed for hand operations only; replacement for the Salisbury 21 blanket clamp. USBA-002 is designed for remote operation using a shotgun stick to open/install and open/remove. Simply grab one of the handle pull rings with a shotgun stick. Pull into the nose of the stick and the clamp automatically opens for installation and or removal of the clamp. Replacement for the Salisbury HS21 blanket clamp.

 Blanket Clamp Details

Blanket Mate

Product dimension: 2 ½” x 2“ x 3“

Product weight: ½ pound

The Utility Solutions Blanket Mate series are magnetic blanket holders that simply will not break even if exposed to extremely cold temperature extremes. The Utility Solutions USBM-001 has 50% more magnetic holding power (6 magnets) than the competition, while the USBM-002 has 100% more magnetic holding power (8 magnets) than the competition. This will be the last Blanket-Mate you ever have to purchase, nearly indestructible with superior holding power for even the heaviest blankets.

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