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Tool Demonstration Trailers

A tool demonstration trailer is an excellent way to touch, feel and personally evaluate hotline tools. Each Utility Solutions tool demo trailer come equipped with most of our product line. In addition, the USGT-600 Grounds Tester and XMFR Load-Trainer transformer simulator are fully functional (requires 110 vac). Utility Solutions periodically upgrades every trailer to insure it reflects our most recent product offerings. Do not hesitate to contact your local Utility Solutions sales representative to schedule a trailer visit at your earliest convenience. STRATEGICALLY located through out the northern hemisphere, the custom trailers allow you to get hands on product demos right at your location.

 Tool Demonstration Trailers Details

Rescue Hook

Product length: 8 1/3 ft. / 10 1/3 ft.
Product weight: 5 lbs. / 6 lbs.

The Utility Solutions Rescue Hook is an invaluable tool to assist in the removal of an injured worker from a hazardous area (near electrical gear, vaults, confined spaces etc). The insulated fiberglass shaft has an 18” yellow
coated, heat-treated steel hook on one end and a rubber end cap on the other end. The innovative design allows for the unit to ship as two separate components, resulting in substantial shipping savings for the user without sacrificing strength or toughness as an assembled product.

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A fully functional electrical trainer allowing simulation of most distribution transformer connection schemes. This device contains actual transformers which completely duplicates in-field situations. 

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