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A fully functional electrical trainer allowing simulation of most distribution transformer connection schemes. This device contains actual transformers which completely duplicates in-field situations. 

This product requires a single 110 VAC power supply and is a great way to maintain productivity even on rainy days.  The Load-Trainer™ is supplied as two separate wheel portable reinforced protective cases.

The Load-Trainer™ is easy to ship via UPS. This provides a very economic means to provide linemen training at remote locations rather than bring linemen to a central training facility.

Transformer output voltages on the XFMR-001 unit are made by toggle switch selections on the side of the wiring panel. 1 phase or 3 phase wiring hookups can be simulated. Delta-Delta, Delta-Wye, Open Delta-Open Delta, Wye-Delta, Wye-Wye, Wye, or one leg out-open Delta transformers can be simulated. The Load-Trainer™ incorporates eight multi-position toggle switches which are used to produce a multitude of routine in field problems such as low voltage bushing hook-ups, polarity and high side phasing. Numerous situations can be duplicated to produce transformer back-feed with front panel indicator lights that glow when a back-feed condition occurs.

The Load-Trainer™ model XMFR-002 is a variant of the basic XMFR-001 model whereas the front panel voltage selection has been transferred from side mounted toggle switches to direct selection on the wiring board face. This change allows an operator to simulate open primary or open secondary situations.

Paralleling Option to double the training capability. Supplied with a an additional front panel which acts as a slave unit to the motherboard front panel

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