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Product dimension: 1.75” diameter x 7.5”
Product weight: 6 oz.

The Strip-N-Coil™ is a lineman designed tool that permits easy cutting of outer insulation on underground cable. Designed to fit into an electric drill chuck the tool can also be manually used with a 7/16“ socket and ratchet. The Strip-N-Coil™ will work on underground cable sizes from #2 through 750 MCM. 

The Strip-N-Coil™ is simple and easy for anyone to use. One of the concentric neutrals is inserted into the tool. As the concentric neutral wraps around the tool it pulls itself through, or cuts, the outer insulation jacket. After the outer jacket has been completely stripped off the operator can place all concentric neutrals into the hook end of the tool and allow the drill to easily and quickly twist them into a tight compact bundle easily cut to length and terminated as required. No more tedious time consuming twisting using a pliers. One major utility documented a time savings of over 5 minutes per lead by using the Strip-N-Coil™! 

The hook end of the Strip-N-Coil™ can also be used to rapidly remove and or install bushing inserts. 

Manufactured of aluminum, the Strip-N-Coil™ has no moving parts and will provide many years of problem free service.

 Strip-N-Coil™ Details


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