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TRAX high voltage accessory for measuring capacitance and tan delta/power factor

The TRAX accessory TDX 120 is a fully automatic 12 kV insulation dissipation factor (tan delta / power factor) test set designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus. When connected to the TRAX, a special app is activated that enables the most advanced tan delta / power factor testing on the market.

  • Easy to use with automatic and manual operation
  • Maximum 12 kV and 500 mA output enables measurement on high capacitance objects without the use of an inductor
  • Wide frequency test voltage (1-505 Hz) for DFR measurements
  • Accurate measurement results under high noise conditions as tested to 765 kV substations
  • Lightweight, rugged design
  • Patented built-in individual temperature correction (ITC) eliminates the need for temperature correction tables

TDX120 Datasheet


TRAX Automatic Switch Box

TSX 303 is an accessory to TRAX that enables automatic testing of all phases and taps of a transformer with only one single connection of test leads. This eliminates the need for reconnections between tests and greatly reduces the time needed for the full measurement procedure. Safety is also improved as the number of trips up and down the ladder to transformer is reduced to only connection and disconnection of the bushing cables.

  • Shorter test time by reducing time to connect transformer terminals
  • Increases safety by reducing “ladder time”
  • Minimizes the risk of measurement errors due to incorrect connections

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Multifunction transformer and substation test system

  • Replaces need for multiple test sets
  • Saves time by eliminating need for multiple instruments learning
  • User-friendly interface reduces training and testing time
  • Portable and compact system components for easy shipping
  • State of the art measurement methods for advanced diagnostic testing

TRAX is not just another multi-functional test instrument, but rather many intelligent instruments built into one box. The software includes a number of apps, making it fast and easy to perform a large range of different tests. The hardware offers unmatched flexibility and the range of cables and accessories adds even more flexibility, making the TRAX an efficient and time saving system for any user in the world.

TRAX is a multi-functional solution for transformer testing. It also adds several common substation testing functionalities, and ultimately replaces numerous individual testing devices. Compared to conventional single-functionality instruments, TRAX saves time and is more cost effective.

TRAX applications range from power transformers, where it offers several unique and outstanding features, to instrument transformers, circuit breakers, relays and many other substation components.

TRAX Details


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