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HC 3600

Precision AC Power Reference Standard

HCE most recents inputs into the reference meters market borns from well know needs and limitations by our own experience developing and continuously improving metering and monitoring equipment along the years Electric Panels located in substation and diverse industrial applications. Mainly contains the following: Measurement elements, control switches, signalling and secondary protection (over-current, differential, etc.)

  1. Maintenance services base in the installation requirements for the well functioning of the grid.
  2. Technical researches and investigation for read patterns that generate issues that may affect the installation and aim for avoid to face them lately. Requested under the highest level of standard as could be for the Electric generation and distribution area.

HC3600 not only answer a concrete need, it’s versatility, high accuracy, performance and stability over continuous use in many diverse applications do more than just empower the professional fulfilling the current technician and engineers needs, it opens to the user a much more wide catalog of applications and business opportunities that before simply wasn’t possible to meet the standard. 


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