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Smart Grid medium voltage sensors for overhead line networks (4 to140 kV)

The MS5000 (Metrysense5000) Smart Grid medium voltage sensor for overhead line networks (4 to 140 kV) provides real-time grid information, giving you unprecedented visibility of your distribution grids through the accurate identification of high impedance faults and predictive analytics for deteriorating network components. It has been designed for FLISR (fault location, isolation, and service restoration), grid analytics, power quality, and flow monitoring.

  • Reliable online detection of all types of faults
  • Reduces the average interruption duration (SAIDI)
  • Reducing number of faults by identifying weak spots (SAIFI)
  • Powerful cyber security capabilities
  • Unique proprietary algorithms to detect high impedance faults with high accuracy
  • Power harvesting for line currents as low as 1.5 A
  • Radio communication for rural areas with no cellular coverage
  • Operates with earthing systems including solid-grounded, floating neutral, SWER, and Petersen coil
  • Connection to existing DMS systems
  • Provides on-line grid visibility of currents, power flow etc.
  • Reduces wildfire risk, increases safety
  • Fast and easy installation

MS5000 Datasheet

The MS5000 is an on-line wireless system for medium voltage overhead lines, which complements distribution management systems (DMS) and provides on-line information about faults and grid operations. It uses proprietary hardware and algorithms to support low power consumption while ensuring the high stability needed for large radio networks. The radio system was purposely designed to successfully operate in the harsh conditions of power lines and has a proven record in the field.

The instrument uses power harvesting from the line in combination with backup batteries that power the system for up to 3 years in the event of grid failure or switching. It also provides real-time information on faulty circuit, fault type, and location, and it enables maintenance teams to reduce the outage duration by providing accurate fault location in real-time, and consequently reduces SAIDI and CAIDI. The system works with various grounding methods, including solidly earthed systems, impedance grounding, floating neutral, single wire earth return, and compensated/Peterson Coil systems.

The system is modular: Once sensors are deployed in a radio network, they automatically create a secured mesh network among themselves. When required, additional routers and sensors automatically and effortlessly connect to the network. The sensors report abnormal events such as surges and current/voltage drops and can be accessed at any time by the MetryView software.

The MS5000 is available in two versions:

  • MS5000-SU: Sensor unit (can be connected to other MS5000 sensors units or/and MS3010 gateway) „
  • MS5000-GS: Sensor unit with integrated cellular gateway.

Typically, a set includes 2 x MS5000-SU and 1 x MS5000- GS to cover three phases. The network size starts with three sensors and can include up to hundreds of sensors.



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