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Introducing FiberLert™ Live Fiber Detector by Fluke Networks

Stop guessing if it's working. Know with FiberLert. Quickly check fiber activity, polarity, and connectivity with FiberLert. Just place in front of the fiber end face or port and a light and tone indicate an active fiber (850 nm to 1625 nm) - no setup or interpretation required. This pocket-sized tool tests single-mode, multimode, UPC and APC patch cords and ports with a non-contact / non-contaminating detector. The LightBeat™ feature flashes the LED, indicating a powered-on condition and good battery and a timer shuts FiberLert™ off after five minutes of inactivity to extend battery life.


10 things you need to know about thermal imagers

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Whether you choose a simple point-and-shoot model or a high-end thermal imager with all the bells and whistles, here are some key features and specs you should consider:

  1. Resolution
    • Detector resolution indicates the number of detector pixels on the camera. More pixels, means higher resolution.
    • Spatial resolution is based on detector pixels and the field of view (FOV) spec, combining them to define the area the imager sees at any given moment. Spatial resolution can be used to help define the smallest object size that can be detected. A lower spatial resolution value means better detail and image quality.
  2. Focus 
    With a variety of focus mechanisms to choose from, it is important to take into account your skill level as well as the application in selecting a focus type. Here are the common focus mechanisms:
    • Fixed: Point and shoot simplicity
    • Manual: Precise incremental focus
    • Auto focus: Automatically focuses on a target but may require manual adjustment.
    • Laser-assisted auto focus: Uses a built-in laser distance meter to calculate distance to the target.
    • Multifocal: Captures and stores multiple images of the target from varying focal distances and uses software to blend them into one image with ultra-sharp depth of field detail. Fluke Corp., for example, calls its implementation of this technology MultiSharp™ Focus.

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9 Things You’ll Love About the Fluke T6 Electrical Tester

For many years, electricians and technicians looking for a quick current reading have reached for their trusted Fluke T5 Electrical Tester with “open fork” technology. The T5 has been seen in tool belts the world over, but now there’s the Fluke T6-1000 Electrical Tester. Here’s how Fluke’s engineers improved on the T5 to develop the ultimate in electrical testing—the T6.

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