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OTD Oil Tan Delta

Oil Tester

A new addition to the comprehensive range of Megger Oil Test Sets, the  measures Tan Delta, resistivity and relative permittivity of insulating oils.

The OTD is a fully automated tester and comes loaded with a set of international test standards.

As well as the international set of standards, the OTD supports up to six customer configurable test sequences.

Productivity in the laboratory is maximised, with the focus on reducing the test cycle time by fan cooling and inductive heating, together with an oil drain facility, negating the need to move the oil vessel.

The OTD has a 12 key alpha-numeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, filenames, notes, etc.

Test results are identified by a test ID and are time and date stamped. Megger’s asset and data management software, PowerDB Lite, included at no extra cost, provides a tool for downloading results via the USB interface, while an internal printer provides hard copy results. Ink based printout ensures durability at all temperatures.

User safety is paramount and Megger have designed independent, dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry to ensure safety. During a test, press any button on the keypad to remove the high voltage immediately and abort the test.

  • The transparent lid provides ample visibility within the chamber.
  • NEW OTD - Oil Tan Delta tester measures Tan Delta, Relative Permittivity and Resistivity of insulating oils
  • Fully automated standard and user defined tests - Supports all international standards
  • Integrated test cell heating and cooling systems
  • Efficient oil fill and integrated automated oil drain facility
  • IEC 60247 Innovative Test Cell - easy to assemble and clean
  • Stores up to 50 records on-board and download to PC
  • Compact and lightweight (22 kg / 48.5 lbs)

OTD Oil Tan Delta Details


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