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Multi-function Measurement Instrument

The PMM-2 is an ideal instrument for use in general electrical systems maintenance, electrical machine repairs, protective relay testing or in monitoring power at the electrical service entrance. Motor starting currents, voltages, and power can be captured for analysis.

The PMM-2 is designed to perform fast, accurate checking and testing of protective relay and meter installations during their commissioning and in routine maintenance.

For meter installations, unit can be configured to measure phase-to-phase voltage and single-phase current amplitudes and phase angles. Combined with a voltage or current source, the PMM-2 also becomes an excellent tool for testing and calibrating virtually any type of protective relay.

  • Integrated onboard LCD touch-screen display
  • Multi-coloured graphics with intuitive navigation
  • Built-in report generator, timer, and event logging
  • High-speed sampling and data recording
  • Measure and display up to four voltages and four currents simultaneously
  • Accurate phase angle measurements at low current levels
  • Low-level AC/DC inputs available
  • Portable battery-operated instrument
  • Standard case and a rugged model

PMM-2 Details


Impedance meter

With a test current of up to 1 kA the NIM1000 measures the network impedance of the phase and neutral conductors to the 10th harmonic. It highlights load-sensitive and neutral faults, detects poor contacts and unseen problems. It is also useful for measuring the earth loop impedance close to the source of supply.

  • High test current up to 1000 A
  • Single or three-phased measurements
  • Measurement of the net impedance up to the 10th harmonic
  • Display of all measured parameters
  • Tests in accordance with DIN EN 61557-3; VDE 0413-3

NIM1000 Details


Handheld Power Quality Analyzer

The Megger MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer is an advanced handheld 3-phase analyzer, manufactured in the USA. It is a highly intuitive analyzer that delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform. View RMS data, waveforms, demand data,phase angles, harmonics, unbalance, flicker and more in real time with the MPQ1000 scope mode and DVM mode. When data needs to be recorded the MPQ1000 record verification will automatically identify the current clamps, recognize their range and verify the unit is connected properly. Simply connect it and push the record button. The MPQ1000 can record for extended periods of time because of its massive memory. It utilizes an SD card, which makes expanding the memory as easy as installing a new SD card. The recorded data can be viewed on the MPQ1000 color VGA display or the data can be transferred to the high power Megger PQ Power Quality Analysis software via USB cable, USB stick, Ethernet or directly from the SD card.

  • Automatic CT recognition
  • Automatic connection verification
  • On-board data analysis
  • SD card and USB stick support
  • 1000 V ac and 1000 V dc range
  • Scope and DMM modes
  • CATIV @ 600 V
  • IEC61000-4-30 Class A compliant
  • Made in USA

MPQ1000 Details


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